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The New Flesh is an individually tailored program for an artist, or collective, to use the facilities and resources of Academy Costumes to develop a new video work. The artist receives curatorial and technical support from art collective ZOOX, including mentoring sessions from other artists, gallery visits, and reading material. We expect the artist to create a new work as a result of the residency which will be exhibited or screened at LUX.

Subject to our continued funding we provide the artist with a fee as well as a budget for production costs. Each residency lasts approximately 4 months and is intended to support emerging artists with no gallery representation, and preferably without having completed an MA course.

Artists receive:
artist fee (£100/day for 3 days/week)
production budget (£1,500 subject to funding)
studio space at Academy Costumes
presentation of newly commissioned work at LUX
online exhibition of newly commissioned work on LUX website
mentoring sessions at LUX and with artists Jennet Thomas and     Molly Palmer
support in developing a public artist talk
access to film studio at Wimbledon College of Arts
access to thousands of costumes
access to Nikon D5500 camera and Tascam microphone
small library of books at Academy Costumes
reasonable use of Academy Costumes equipment: industrial sewing machines etc.
subsidised access to Academy Costumes materials: fabrics, buttons, paints etc.
During our first pilot of the residency Platform generously provided a studio space two days per week, as well as hosting a solo exhibition for Sophie Rogers. We also curated several associated events such as artist talks and screenings which were held at Platform.